Westsyde Funleaguers 

Westsyde Funleaguers Mixed Slo-Pitch Rules

  1. All players must be minimum 19 years of age, to be covered by insurance.
  2. Format is 7 and 3, 6 and 4 or 5 and 5, whatever you see fit with a minimum of 3 women playing.
  3. A team may proceed with extra females, however at no time a team may field more than 7 males.
  4. A team may field only 9 players but the 10th batters position is an automatic out, unless the opposing team waives this auto out.
  5. A team that forfeits a game (by having fewer than 9 players available, without rescheduling) will lose by a final score of 7-0.
  6. Maximum 5 runs per inning. Maximum 12 batters in the batting order – but you may bat through this order more than once in an open inning. The 11th and 12th batters must be one male and one female. 
  7. Free substitution is allowed, MUST PLAY IN THE FIELD before BATTING and cannot 'sub' runners as that is what 'courtesy rule' is for, Girl for girl, guy for guy, unless team starts with more than 3 women, they may replace their 4th or 5th woman with a male player. Injury substitutions are permitted after batting but before fielding! 'Sub's bat in the position in the batting order of the person they substituted.
  8. No more than 3 males in a row in the batting order. (Watch from bottom to top, and when making substitutions!!)
  9. Strike mats will be used. If the pitch was legal and the ball makes contact with the mat and/or the plate a strike will be called. A stuck ball that lands on the mat and/or plate and remains there is a live ball in fair territory.
  10. Foul ball on the 3rd strike constitutes an out.
  11. Sliding at 2nd and 3rd only. Tagging is not permitted at home. Women may bunt.
  12. Runners may advance on a caught fly ball, fair or foul however they must tag up and are in jeopardy to be put out.
  13. If and when a male is walked in the batting order, whether intentionally or not, if he is followed by a girl, that girl must bat. She does not automatically get 1st base.
  14. Any tick ball can be caught by the catcher and the batter is out. The ball no longer has to go higher than the batters head.
  15. Home Plate Safe Line: A 6 foot line drawn from home plate perpendicular to 3rd base from the top left hand corner of the plate is established to prevent any contact at home, a player who touches home plate whether or not a play is made will be called out. The catcher must have his/her foot on any part of the mat and/or plate to be considered touching home-plate.
  16. You are able to tag up and come home on a caught fly ball.
  17. 'Courtesy Runner' Rule: a team may use up to 3 DIFFERENT courtesy runners in a game, must be female for female, male for male, or female may run for a male also!
  18. All Players are only eligible to play for one team in (tournament) playoffs unless their opponents allow them to pick up players already dedicated to other teams.
  19. To be eligible to play in the year-end tournament all players must have played in at least 5 league games. 
  20. No metal cleats allowed. Plastic cleats, rubber cleats, or runners are allowed.
  21. Home Run Rule: All Fenced Fields - Match +2, any other hits over the fence are an out! Someone from the team that has hit the ball over must retrieve ball immediately after it has been hit over.


***Any other questions or rule concerns please just use common sense and fairness,
we are all out to have a good time ... let’s make sure we do just that***

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